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Research Facilities & Laboratories Hazardous Waste Services

Phoenix Environmental can offer regular and reliable hazardous, clinical and offensive waste collection services from your Research Facility or Laboratory.

Whether your facility is large or small the research you undertake is fundamental to the growth of our society, with this in mind we want to make your waste management as trouble-free as possible. Our team will discuss with you the specific requirements of your facility ensuring you have the correct waste segregation procedures in place to prevent harm to people or the environment. 

Free Waste Evaluation

Phoenix Environmental will offer a free waste evaluation and this will enable our team to get a better understanding of your business needs and waste classification while also enabling our team to complete a free bespoke quotation.

Free Complimentary Pre-Waste Acceptance Audit

Our free pre-waste acceptance audit will be completed at your convenience and delivered in person by an experienced member of our team making sure your facility is fully compliant at all times this will be completed every two years.


  • Yellow Hazardous Waste Bag Service
  • Orange Clinical Waste Bag Service
  • Offensive Tiger Waste Bag Service
  • Sharps
  • Sealed Units
  • Chemicals
  • Anatomical Waste
  • Washroom Services

Support and Assistance

Our support network is the beating heart of our company, we believe you and your business deserve stress-free communication when contacting us which is why we work tirelessly on solving problems not creating them. Our team have extensive knowledge of the waste industry and all areas of waste management giving you peace of mind when seeking help and guidance.